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TAXI Solutions | Vehicles and Dispatcher

Gould Electronics are delighted to extended its product offering to include a wide range of taxi based hardware and dispatcher solutions from the UK’s leading manufacturers.

What are the benefits of using Gould Electronics

• Engineering staff with over 30 years experience.
• Fast local service and support.
• Radios & meters held in stock.
• For repairs we offer courtesy equipment.
• Professional installation for vehicles and dispatch offices


Vehicle TAXI Meters

Gould Electronics offer a range of meters and accessories from the Uk's leading manufacturers. Every product has been proven and certified to meet all the relevant UK and international standards of quality and excellence. Take a look at the products in our shop.



Vehicle & Office Solutions from the UK’s leading manufacturers


Receive Tariff sim card through post and insert into meter
No Fuss, No downtime, No loss of revenue..

See the full specification > CLICK



The MR500 Series is the latest taximeter to enhance our product range. It is unlike any of our other taximeters you have seen. Its unique design was the result of extensive consultation with taxi industry professionals.

See the full specification > CLICK

The MR400 brings you all of the latest technology packed into a modern, stylish and compact unit. Its unparalleled user-friendliness and ease of use make the ideal tool for today’s taxi operator, small or large, world wide.

See the full specification > CLICK


DIGITAX F2 Taximeter

Low cost electronic taximeter, printer capable, 6 digits for the FARE, 4 digits for the EXTRAS, 1 digit for the TARIFF index; 32 fully independent and smart tariffs automatically managed by the time, date, distance, fare amount; self-powered clock/calendar.

See the full specification > CLICK


The MR500 is designed to the latest European Standard being the first taximeter to be tested to the Measurement Instruments Directive (MID) in the UK.



DIGITAX M1 Mirror Taxi Meter

Electronic Mirror Taximeter, printer capable, 64 fully independent and smart tariffs automatically managed by the time, date, distance, fare amount; self-powered clock/calendar, 45 counters for driver's and owner's accountancy, fully programmable, memory.

See the full specification > CLICK

Digitax M1 Mirror Taximeter is the first taximeter obtaining the european MID certification by NMI.




MOTOTRBO is a versatile digital system of portable and mobile radios, repeaters and accessories that delivers increased capacity and integrated voice and data communication. Now with the Capacity Plus single-site trunking solution, you can expand your communication capacity to enable up to 1200 radio users to share voice and data communication on the same system. In addition, the IP Site Connect solution gives you the ability to extend your communication reach further by connecting multiple locations, creating continuous wide area coverage or enhancing single site coverage.

Why Digital
Motortrbo System Brochure
Motortrbo System Planner




Motorola Mototrbo - DM-3400
Motorola Mototrbo - DM-3401

The DM 3400/3401 mobile two-way radios feature 32 channels and an exceptionally bright numeric LED display. It enables easy migration with operational capability in both analog and digital, and is available in UHF, UHF-2 and VHF.

DM-3400/3401 Brochure


Motorola Mototrbo - DM-3600
Motorola Mototrbo - DM-3601

The DM-3600/3601 mobile two-way radio features integrated GPS, 160 channels and an intuitive, menu-driven interface. It enables easy migration with operational capability in both analogue and digital, and is available in UHF, UHF-2 and VHF.

DM-3600/3601 Brochure


The DR 3000 repeater is a continuous-duty unit that supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital TDMA mode. It mounts easily in wall or rack systems.

This repeater is part of the MOTOTRBO series, delivering increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications through a complete solution.

DR-3000 Brochure



Expand your coverage, enhance your two-way communication.

MOTOTRBO's IP Site Connect enables you to expand the coverage of your two-way radio communication system. By utilising this feature, you can extend the voice and data communication reach of your workforce, even across geographically dispersed locations on different frequency bands and with no monthly service fees. Whether you need to communicate among geographically dispersed locations, automatically roam from one coverage area to another with no manual intervention or on a single site containing physical barriers, IP Site Connect enables you to communicate and share data—resulting in improved customer service and increased productivity for your business.

Motorola Capacity Plus

Single-site digital trunking system cost-effectively expands communication systems and provides reliable digital technology.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus is a scalable, cost-effective solution for MOTOTRBO conventional systems that provides reliable digital technology combined with the many benefits of traditional trunking systems to enable MOTOTRBO radio users to share both voice and data communications on the same digital system without having to add new frequencies. This intelligent software solution enables users to maximize the full capacity of a MOTOTRBO system and quickly transmit business-critical information while eliminating the need to purchase additional infrastructure, which means lower equipment costs for users

Capacity Plus delivers five times the capacity of an analogue conventional system and up to three times the capacity of an analogue trunking system. It also delivers twice the capacity of a MOTOTRBO digital conventional system. Designed to be flexible to meet a user’s communication needs, Capacity Plus supports voice communication, data communication or a combination of both. The solution also features the Repeater Diagnostic and Control application, enabling users to monitor and mange their system remotely. In addition, it offers system-wide calling capability so users can communicate with all personnel at once.

As a single-site trunking communication solution, Capacity Plus is ideal for resorts, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing plants and other medium to large single-site facilities. It allows users to quickly and efficiently share a large amount of business-critical voice and data communication, resulting in increased productivity for businesses.



Vehicle & Office Mounted Radios

No matter how big or small your fleet, Gould Electronics offer the complete in car package from installation, training and support. Gould Electronics has the experience to install and maintain your fleet 24-7.




Every product has been proven and certified to meet all the relevant UK and international standards of quality and excellence.

Vehicle Mounted Radios (SIMOCO)

Transceiver + SRM9022 Control Mic

PMR/MPT Trunking
1000 Channels
Programmable Function Buttons
Numeric Keypad

See the full range of options> CLICK

Vetex - VX-2100E/2200E

The VX-2100E (8-channel) and VX-2200E (128-channel) series mobiles are full featured FM transceivers designed for flexible mobile business communications in the VHF or UHF Land Mobile Radio bands.

See the full range of options> CLICK

The SRM9000 range comprises a common transceiver platform with four upgradeable controllers for professional, vehicle based users

The VX-2200E mobiles have an eight character alpha-numeric display to manage the 128 channel capacity

Typical Office Mounted Radio

Transceiver + SRM9030 Control Head

PMR/MPT Trunking
1000 channels
Display: 8 lines x 14 characters

See the full range of options> CLICK


The SRM9000 range comprises a common transceiver platform with four upgradeable controllers for professional, vehicle based users


The CygCam DVR is a cutting-edge in-cab security system, which can be fitted to any public or private hire vehicle.

Camera systems fitted in your vehicle can be used for evidential purposes and also to give the taxi driver peace of mind.



CygCam DVR is Simple to Use

Using the CygCam is simple as it automates most basic functions. Sequences of pictures and audio are stored when the door is opened or closed and when a fare starts or ends.


CygCam DVR Operation

To turn the CygCam DVR on, open the door of your vehicle or turn the ignition on. CygCam will record pictures and audio to memory.

For Your Safety

During normal operation, the video stored on the CygCam DVR is scrambled to ensure the best chance of a successful prosecution and to comply with licensing regulations.

PC Download





• Up to four cameras – colour or monochrome with infra- red night vision.
• Hard disk memory storage. (Currently 320 GB)*
• Password protected
• Three levels of recording quality – Super, High and Extra
• Audio sound recorded from up to four cameras
• Frame rate – up to 30 fps per channel
• Resolution – 720 x 480 pixels
• Dimensions of control unit – 197x170x59mm approx

*The disk size is constantly being updated and was correct at the time this web page was published.

Cygcam DVR System Price Guide

Minimum system comprises DVR unit, Remote control,
all cables and brackets as well as your choice of cameras.
Optional - 7inch In-Vehicle LCD display.

Purchase - 1 camera system (Excludes Monitor) £455.00
7 Inch LCD Monitor £91.00
Rental - 1 camera system (Includeds Monitor) £8.50 per week

Purchase - 2 camera system (Excluded Monitor) £487.50
7 Inch LCD Monitor £91.00
Rental - 2 camera system (Included Monitor) £9.00 per week

Purchase - 3 camera system (Excluded Monitor) £520.00
7 Inch LCD Monitor £91.00
Rental - 3 camera system (Included Monitor) £9.50 per week

Purchase - 4 camera system (Excluded Monitor) £552.50
7 Inch LCD Monitor £91.00
Rental - 4 camera system (Included Monitor) £10.00 per week

Purchase of additional camera £32.50

Please Note:
All prices are in UK Pounds and subject to VAT where applicable.






Gould TaxiBook

Cost Effective Digital Dispatch

The GouldTaxiBook automatic booking and dispatching system is an effective and reliable solution for taxi and private hire companies. The system seeks the most suitable vehicle for each booking in real time giving better customer service and improving the efficiency of the business.


Tracking Device

- Dispatcher will be able to see where each driver is geographically, in real-time.
- Jobs quickly and efficiently processed.


Driver uses mobile phone or PDA

- Phone or PDA is alerted to new jobs.
- Drivers can say when the job is complete and receive a new job “Makes booking in efficient”.
- Few seconds to book in and calculate a journey.
- PDA or Phone will utilise 3G & 4G carriers.


Dispatcher is connected to internet

- Client login from any WiFi area.
- Detailed real time mapping to find drivers.
- Regular automatic up-dated mapping.

Emergency assist

- Driver presses panic button alerting dispatch who will then be able to track the driver and provide help.
- Compatible with G2SIM.



Being internet based and providing communications over the public GPRS, 3G & 4G networks there is no restriction to any specific geographical area. Vehicles are in contact and tracked wherever they travel. This gives an extremely powerful, reliable and resilient solution for a fixed low price. All information in the system is secure and automatically backed up, you will not lose important information with GouldTaxiBook.






01209 821804


Motorcycle Communications

Motorcycle Communications. Easi-PLUS sets a global standard for noise canceling communications. Supply and installation.

Hands Free Kits

A wide range of hands-free kits with professional installation in commercial and non commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles.

In-Vehicle Camera's

In vehicle cameras designed For your safety and piece of mind. Camera systems fitted in your vehicle can be used for evidential purposes.



Taxi Solutions Brochures

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In Vehicle Cameras

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Digital Communications

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